Iryna Chernysh

Iryna has doctoral degree in economics from university of Poltava in Ukraine where she is now working as an associated professor in management. She is also Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Finance, Economy and Management. Besides that, she is a member of winner team during Summer Academy “Design driven innovation for new entrepreneurship” by Politechnico di Milano (Italy); Member of the Coordination Council for Tourism Development of the Regional State Administration; Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Tourism, Culture and Innovation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Iryna Chernysh has a huge number of scientific articles in the field of entrepreneurship, management, business communications and models.

Course Description

This is a course for those who have long dreamed of getting out of the "current reality", doing their job and making dreams come true one after another. Starting a business is one of the best decisions of one’s life and with the course we will be able to make this dream come true. 

The class will be based on introductory lectures, leaving room for questions and answers as well as discussions and sharing of views and experiences. For each session reading materials will be delivered according to the thematic focus of the lecture. At the end of the course you will have an opportunity to present your ideas for qualified discussion.

Learning Objectives

1) It ensures a broad understanding of startup. 

2) It explains the importance of the strategic planning and effective business model creation. 

3) Helps to develop a unique startup project and develop your business. 

4) It evaluates methods of marketing and helps to choose the best one just right for your idea. 

5) It provides insight on how to create a brand new successful startup.