Ana Raquel Menezes

Ana Raquel Menezes is a migration lawyer and scholar from Brazil. She holds a master's degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations by the University of Oldenburg. Through her academic career, Ana has studied migration in Brazil, Germany, Norway, and South Africa. The focus of her work is on statelessness and integration. In the last 7 years she has provided legal aid to migrants in several countries, including North Macedonia. Ana currently works as an independent lawyer in migration affairs, and as a human rights advisor in the Ministry of Human Rights in Brazil.

Course Description

The Migration and Refugee Studies course is a 4 week-long program, composed of two modules: Migration Studies and Refugee Studies. The course provides an outline of the main topics in those themes, such as definitions, theories and legal frameworks. The program also approaches broader aspects, such as stereotypical notions of migrants and the so-called “refugee crisis”, which will provide students with a holistic notion of migration and refugee studies. All topics addressed in the course can be further explored through the recommended readings which will be made available at the end of each topic.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Learning the official and most accepted definitions of migration and asylum.
  • Understanding the international legal framework on the rights and protection of migrants and refugees.
  • Perceiving the challenges faced by migrants and refugees during the journey and upon arrival to the destination place.
  • Understanding migrants and refugees as agents and decision-makers, in opposition to existing victimizing approaches.
  • Developing one’s own evidence-based knowledge on migration and asylum so as to challenge the stereotypes that surround these notions.
  • Comprehend how colonizing practices affected the current international migration scenario. 
  • Understanding the effects of securitization and nationalistic agendas on migration and asylum. 
  • Acquiring a critical look over media representations of migrants and refugees, and identifying eventual political interests behind them.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Module I: Migration

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Definition

    • Forced Migration_ Guiding Principles on internal displacement

    • IOM - Key Migration Terms - Migration Glossary

    • 3. International Legal Framework

    • Legal Framework - Global Pact for Migration - International Cooperation on Migration

    • Legal Framework - International Cooperation on Migration_ Theory and Practice

    • 4. Theories on Migration

    • RBB_Migration_Theories

    • 5. Borders

    • Hess_2018_Border as Conflict Zone Critical Approaches on the Border and Migration Nexus

    • 6. Gender

    • Gender in Migration - Kanu et al., 2020

    • Gender in Migration Studies_ From Feminist Legacies to Intersectional, Post- and Decolonial Prospects

    • 7. Migrants_ Health

    • Readings - Migrants_ Health

    • 8. Migration, Development and Transnationalism

    • Readings - Migration, Development and Transnationalism

    • 9. Colonization

    • Readings - Colonization

    • 10. Migrants in the Media

    • The Guardian - How the media contributed to the migrant crisis _ Refugees _ The Guardian

    • UNESCO - Correcting media myths about refugees and migrants

    • 11. Nationalism (Part 1)

    • 11. Nationalism (Part 2)

    • 11. Nationalism (Part 3)

    • Readings - Nationalism

    • 12. Important Routes

    • World Migration Report 2022

    • 13. Stereotypes

    • Stereotypes - Malmusi et al 2010

    • Stereotypes - The Guardian

  • 2

    Module II: Refugee Studies

    • 1. Definition (Part I)

    • 1. Definition (Part II)

    • 1. Definition (Part III)

    • 1. Definition (Part IV)

    • Readings - Definitions

    • 2. Legal Framework (Part I)

    • 2. Legal Framework (Part II)

    • Legal Framework - international protection and asylum systems Handbook for Parliamentarians

    • 3. Climate Refugees

    • The Problem — Climate Refugees

    • 4. Asylum

    • Asylum _ the Rights of Refugees – International Justice Resource Center

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part I)

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part II)

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part III)

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part IV)

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part V)

    • 5. European Refugee Crisis (Part VI)

    • Readings - European Refugee Crisis

    • 6. Refugee Integration

    • Readings - Refugee Integration

    • 7. Resettlement

    • Readings - Resettlement

    • 8. Humanitarian Responses

    • Readings - Humanitarian Responses

    • 9. Statelessness

    • Readings- Statelessness

    • 10. Important Cases You Should Know

    • Readings - Important Cases You Should Know