Sharon Ugbo

Sharon Ugbo is a marketing communication strategist and entrepreneur. She began her career in advertising as an account executive then moved on to media planning and buying. She also practices journalism, working as a senior reporter for a business news magazine where she got recognition as a nominee for a business news reporter award. She is presently a  lecturer of Brand Management. 

She graduated with a B.A (Hons.) In Anthropology from the University of Ibadan and have a Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication From The Polytechnic Ibadan. She had her masters in Public Administration From the University of Lagos. And currently having her post-graduate studies in Media and Communication From Pan Atlantic University  Lekki. Sharon Ugbo lives in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Course Description

The course focuses on providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge of brand management. It also focuses on how brands are built, managed and measured. It explains the critical importance of communication in brand management, identifying in the process what should be communicated about a brand and how. Students get to understand the greater good a brand provides through its values and also develop an appreciation of leading brands. The course inculcates in the students the capacity to understand and make the right decisions regarding brand management.

Learning Objectives

  • It ensures a broad understanding of brand concepts.
  • It explains the importance of the brand as a marketing tool.
  • Helps to develop a uniquely entrepreneurial mindset of marketing communication practitioners with an understanding of the challenges faced in building brands.
  • It evaluates methods use in measuring brand performance.
  • It provides insight on how to create values and choose a market position.

Expected Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, students will:

  • Understand key terms relevant to brand strategy and how to apply them in building a successful brand.
  • Acquire skills to translate understanding of this course to tangible business outcomes.
  • Expand their knowledge of brand strategy and communication beyond consumer brands – persons.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

    Lesson 1: Introduction to Branding

    • 1. Presentation

    • Lesson 1.1: What is a brand

    • Lesson 1.2: Building blocks of a successful brand

  • 4

    Lesson 2: Identifying Brand Positioning

    • 2. Presentation

    • Lesson 2: Brand Positioning

  • 5

    Lesson 3: Modern Brands

    • 3. Presentation

    • Lesson 3: Modern brands

  • 6

    Week 4: What is brand strategy?

    • 4. Presentation

    • Lesson 4: Brand Strategy

  • 7

    Lesson 5: Managing the brand

    • 5. Presentation

    • Lesson 5: Managing the brand

  • 8

    Lesson 6. Communicating the Brand

    • 6. Presentation

    • Lesson 6: Communicating the Brand

  • 9

    Lesson 7: Communicating the Brand - Brand Media Connections

    • 7. Presentation

    • Lesson 7: Communicating the Brand - Media Planning

  • 10

    Lesson 8: Measuring and evaluating the impact of brand communication

    • 8. Presentation

    • Lesson 8: Measuring and evaluating the impact of brand communication